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I’ve offered a hugely popular Global Learning Program for about two years. At this writing, over 1,000 people from 48 countries have joined to gain lifetime access to 14 modules of every important, elemental consulting and coaching skill and behavior.

Because of a huge volume of requests, I’ve created an advanced program of 15 modules which range from The Martial Arts of Language and In the Buyer’s Office to Financial Planning and Dealing with Crises. There are connections to the basic program but mostly new material, feature videos from me, videos from your peers around the globe discussing application, and supporting text and recommendations.

If you’ve purchased the original program, there is a discount for purchasing this one. (If you have not purchased the original but prefer to begin with this one, that’s fine, too.) As always, you will have access to these modules for life, without any additional payments ever due.

I look forward to continuing to help your growth and life.

Student of Advanced Global Learning

Alan, just wanted to thank you for all of the fantastic content that you put into this. I was expecting something like the "Elemental" version, with shortish videos covering advanced topics—but this is just bananas. It's like the "Elemental" version on steroids.

This is probably the best professional development money I've ever spent. Thanks again!

~ Robert Wall

The Advanced Global Learning Program is AMAZING!! I was up until 2am pouring through all the information and listening to the recordings. Totally blown away by the level and amount of content in there for $155 – way overdelivered!! Sent the link to purchase to all my colleagues. And I love the option of being able to increase the playback speed – excellent feature!

~ Lisa Te Slaa

The modules are:

Martial Arts of Language
How to reverse the momentum of objections. How to “stay in the moment” and use examples and metaphors.
Moving To Larger Markets
How to use your existing methodology to larger organizations. How to change your examples and perspective.
Avoiding "Ghosting"
How to prevent non-responsiveness from prospect. How to effective end it when it occurs.
Creating A Unique Brand
How to encourage prospects to think of you when you’re not around. How to migrate toward your name as your brand.
In the Buyer's Office
How to interact at an initial meeting. How to ask the right questions to maximize value and fees.
Advisory Work
How to serve long-term in a powerful advisory capacity and determine retainers. How to transition from coaching.
Vault Items
How to create offerings unique to you and invaluable to the client. How to keep your vault contemporary.
Monetizing Value
How to convert objectives into financial benefits. How to create a standard for this in your proposals.
Fee Strategies
How to create formulas and huge ROI for the buyer. How to gain clients by raising fees.
Advanced Coaching Techniques
How to adjust the best to maximize success with a variety of clients. How to transition to advisory work.
Reducing Labor Intensity
How to apply the three techniques to reduce labor. How to educate the client about remote work.
Raising Proposal "Hit Rates"
How to successful close at least 80% of proposals. How brevity and value are key factors.
Financial Planning
How to create long-term security. How to “pay yourself first” and gain short-term comfort.
Becoming Fearless
How to prevent your fears from undermining your talents. How to gain perspective on real fear and fake fear.
Dealing with Crises
How to respond to crises with resilience. How to use crises as an assertive marketing tool.



My Million Dollar Consulting® College is $16,000 in person, my private coaching goes as high as $25,000 per person, even my group coaching is $5,000. I’m providing this remarkable low fee in order to enable as many people as possible to be exposed to the advanced principles that have provided me—and tens of thousands of others worldwide—the opportunity to lead highly productive, very rewarding, independent lives.

NOTE: If you are already a member of the elemental program, make sure you are logged in to your account before purchasing to receive your special discount.

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